Don't Stress About Plumbing Problems

Moxie Plumbing Contractors is your source for plumbing services in the Lufkin, TX area

When you have a burst pipe or clogged drain, turn to the pros at Moxie Plumbing Contractors for efficient plumbing services. We serve homeowners within a 50-mile radius and business owners within a 150-mile radius of Lufkin, TX.

Over the years, we've provided residential and commercial plumbing services for local:

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Multi-purpose buildings

Unlike other companies in the area, we won't charge extra to fix unforeseen problems with your plumbing. Just pay a flat rate of $85 per hour (residential service work), plus the cost of parts, and rest assured that your system will be fixed in no time.

Additional Information:


  • Texas Master Plumber license number 42648
  • Workers Comp and Liability


Get a satisfaction guarantee on your plumbing job

Whether you need help remodeling your hotel or repairing a toilet at home, reach out to the professionals at Moxie Plumbing Contractors. We offer plumbing services that are guaranteed to:

  • Fit your budget - rely on us to provide various cost-effective solutions for your new construction plumbing job
  • Meet your needs - trust us to troubleshoot problems quickly and provide the appropriate plumbing repair services
  • Match your style - count on our crew to replace your outdated fixtures during your kitchen or bathroom remodel plumbing project


Don't wait to get started on your plumbing project - call 936-229-0456 now to schedule services from our affordable plumbing company in Lufkin, TX.


Our plumbers don't just have moxie, they have skills

Not only does our affordable plumbing company offer installation, repair and upgrade services, but we also provide saw-cut concrete removal and pour back services. Our contractors are the only plumbers within a 200-mile radius who offer these services.

Contact us today for high-quality plumbing services at the lowest rates in town. We look forward to serving you in Lufkin, TX or the surrounding areas.