Residential Plumbing

Upgrade Your Bathroom in the Lufkin, TX Area

Upgrade Your Bathroom in the Lufkin, TX Area

Call Moxie Plumbing Contractors for bathroom remodel plumbing services

From flushing a toilet to washing your clothes, water is needed for a lot of daily tasks. If you're planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel plumbing project, reach out to an expert at Moxie Plumbing Contractors.

We have the necessary tools and skills to complete any remodeling job, including installing walk-in showers and repiping your home. Our team is also one of the only ones within a 200-mile radius that offers saw-cut concrete removal and pour back services.

To learn more about our services in or around Lufkin, TX, contact our residential plumber today.

How can we help with your custom home remodeling project?

Whether you're updating the look of your bathroom or making it ADA-compliant, our residential plumber can help. We have the equipment and expertise needed to install new:

  • Gas lines
  • Showerheads
  • Sinks and drains
  • Custom showers
  • Farmhouse bathtubs
  • Faucets and fixtures
  • Free-standing tubs

Need bathroom remodel plumbing services in Lufkin, TX or the surrounding areas? Schedule the services you need by calling 936-229-0456 today.